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“Danalicious treats were a delish baby shower favor!”

– Arlene K., party planner

“My 120 guests raved about this candy at our wedding – and there wasn’t any left at the end of the night!”

– Theresa, bride

“I have both given and received the many different Danalicious varieties – they are so good that it’s hard to pick a favorite!”

– Tricia B., generous gift giver

“Dana’s chocolate is the best I’ve ever eaten. One bite will prove it!”

– Gloria B., world traveler

“Danalicious is true to its name. It’s all delicious!”

– Linda C., chocolate enthusiast

“We used Danalicious Desserts as a pregnancy announcement. Talk about cravings!”

– Cassandra P, mom-to-be

“This is a great gift for that special chocolate lover in your life.”

– Amy, birthday gift giver

“I have tried over 10 different varieties and each one is perfect!”

– Geoff, Minnesota

“I can’t think of a better gift idea to surprise my friends with – and thank you for the incredible service!”

– Alabama